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Austin Wintory's 'Traveler Symphony' is a gift for 'Journey' fans

screenshot from 'Journey'
Screenshot from 'Journey'

For many players, Journey, created by Jenova Chen and That Game Company, was a life-changing experience, in no small part because of Austin Wintory's gorgeous soundtrack. Austin wanted to make a grand gesture to celebrate Journey's 10th anniversary.

The incentive for creating an orchestral reimagining of Journey's soundtrack was Austin's open invitation from the London Symphony Orchestra to perform and record his music.

Austin used the opportunity to invite musicians he'd connected with through Journey over the years, including cellist Tina Guo, wind virtuoso Kristin Naigus and vocalist Malukah.

The ultimate goal, Austin says, is to give players of Journey their longed-for experience of playing the game again for the first time.

Traveler, a Journey Symphony, is available from Austin's Bandcamp.

Episode tracklist:
all tracks composed by Austin Wintory, performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, London Voices, cellist Tina Guo, Kristin Naigus, additional winds

Traveler: A Journey Symphony: Road of Trials; The Call; I Was Born for This; Atonement; Nascense

flOw: InnOscence

Thanks to Andrew Krop and Kyrie Hood, White Bear PR

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