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Lifeformed and Janice Kwan's soundtrack for 'Tunic' accompanies a little fox on a big adventure


Tunic is an old-school adventure game, created by Andrew Shouldice and a very small team over seven years. Composers Lifeformed (Terence Lee) and Janice Kwan created an imaginative, old-school soundtrack to accompany the very small fox on his mysterious adventure.

Terence and Janice sampled the sounds in their neighborhoods of Taiwan to create a unique palette that includes the native electric bird, and stray cats! All of the sounds blend into a wash of music that's relaxing, but there's plenty of high-energy music for the epic boss battles as well.

Their epic three-hour long soundtrack is available from Band Camp

Episode tracklist:

all tracks by Lifefomed and Janice Kwan

Tunic: Memories of Memories; Forget to Forget; Ocean Glaze; This is the Wrong Way; Ancient Futures; The Cats are Hungry; Siege; The Librarian; Carbon Harvest; My Favorite Customer; Hex Sequence

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