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'A Memoir Blue' is a deeply personal project

Cloisters Interactive
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Shelley Chen created the game A Memoir Blue as a way to sift through her relationship with her mother, by creating the fictional world-class swimmer Miriam, who also has a challenge connecting with her mother. The game is set underwater as Miriam recollects key moments with her mother. The project was a deeply personal one for Shelley, and it became one for composers Joel Corelitz, Eric Hillman and Imogen Williams as well. Joel composed the instrumental cues for the game, which has no dialog. That's provided by the songs Eric and Imogen wrote, and which Imogen sang.

Episode tracklist: A Memoir Blue

Joel Corelitz: Fish in a Glass; Embrace

Eric Hillman/Imogen Williams: I'm There Too; Is it Cold

Joel Corelitz: Edge of Memory; Embrace; Into the Water

Thanks to Jules Engel, Fortyseven Communications

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