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Hildur Gudnadottir and Sam Slater disrupt game soundtracks with 'Battlefield 2042'

DICE Studios, EA Games

Hildur Gudnadottir and Sam Slater's award-winning soundtrack credits include Chernobyl and Joker. The sound-worlds they create caught the attention of the developers of DICE Studios, who knew that the disruptive music Hildur and Sam create would be perfect for Battlefield 2042, set in a world torn apart by weather and technological catastrophes.

Hildur and Sam used found sounds from locations near their home, items around their house, and unusual things like a submarine in France. All these sounds were heavily processed so it's impossible to tell what the original sound was. One especially satisfying process was to create music for a level set in a glass city. Sam and Hidlur created a way to modify Hildur's voice so, as they describe, it sounds like a human made of glass.

Battlefield 2042 will be released in November, 2021, and the soundtrack is out now.

Battlefield 2042 screen shot
DICE Electronic Arts

Episode tracklist:

all tracks composed by Hildur Gudnadottir and Sam Slater

Battlefield 2042: Orbital; Between the Bows; 5 Degrees of Warming; Load Bearing; Wall Jazz; The Observation of Beautiful Forms

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