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Thousands of noise complaints were filed against the East Hampton Airport on Long Island last summer. Juvenile crime is now in the spotlight in Connecticut. Is it safe to swim in the sound? And a community group plans to sue Suffolk Police.

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Connecticut towns and cities will get $30 million for climate change resiliency projects. Governor Cuomo declares a new state emergency in New York, helping former prison inmates in Connecticut, and a local veteran’s fight for VA benefits.

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Local officials are not happy with Optimum’s plan to provide slower internet upload speeds. Could high-speed rail in our region be coming soon? College athletes in Connecticut are now able to be paid, and a bill to create an opioid settlement fund in New York.

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Most New Yorkers do not want Governor  Andew Cuomo to run for office again. Pot is officially legal in Connecticut today, criminal justice advocates in the state are unhappy with a recent veto, and what's in the state's new budget?

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The first case of West Nile Virus in mosquitoes in Connecticut was detected early this year. The impeachment investigation into Governor Cuomo will continue, Connecticut’s eviction moratorium ends today, and what’s got pet owners in the state so frustrated?