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There’s been a massive scallop die-off over the last two years in eastern Long Island. New York’s commitment to the environment, a push to clean up PFAS, and Governor Lamont’s emergency powers have been extended.


Suffolk County has settled lawsuits against six pharmaceutical companies. Things are looking gross in the Great South Bay, alcohol sales in Connecticut skyrocketed during the pandemic, and some uncertainty over changing COVID rules in the New York State Senate.


Our podcast has a new name -- After All Things! A protest in Hartford over the governor’s emergency powers, the LIRR considers a new ticket system, and drawing new district lines in New York.

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Connecticut's Attorney General is vowing to stay in the fight against the owners of Stamford-based Purdue Pharma. Elsa’s impact on our region, Long Island parents want the school mask mandate gone, and a dispute over where to put Connecticut’s trash.

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Tropical Storm Elsa will make landfall in our region tomorrow. Connecticut could extend the governor’s emergency powers, Cuomo recently declared a state emergency in New York that has drawn some criticism, and will Connecticut reach its emissions reduction goals?