Cassandra Basler

Senior Editor

Cassandra Basler has worked as a reporter, producer and on-air midday host at WSHU Public Radio since 2015. She covers breaking news and changing demographics. Basler is also a reporter at the New England News Collaborative, a group of NPR member station journalists funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in 2016.

Before coming to Connecticut, Basler grew up in one of the nation’s most economically and racially segregated regions in the country: Metro Detroit. As the city neared Chapter 9 bankruptcy, she reported on the effects of that segregation and produced for the daily flagship talk show at WDET (Detroit Public Radio).

Basler graduated from Columbia Journalism School in the City of New York in 2015, where she produced a 20-minute podcast documentary called “The Little Plastic ‘T’: How The IUD Became a Frontline Birth Control Recommendations for Teens." The podcast was featured in the Innovation Showcase at Columbia's Brown Institute for Media Innovation.

Basler was one of five students in her graduating class awarded a Pulitzer Traveling Fellowship. In 2017, Basler used the fellowship to report in Germany for a month. She profiled a small group of locals that helped Syrian refugees start over in Dresden—a city at the very center of Germany’s right-wing and anti-Islam movement.  

Basler currently lives in New Haven, where she's exploring what makes the perfect Apizza.

Bonnie Jackson / Facebook

Cars zoom past Bonnie Jackson as she takes her daily social distancing walk through Sag Harbor on Long Island. After days of spotting littered blue, white – even orange – rubber gloves along her route, she decided to take action.

michael_swan / Flickr

Hospitals all over the country are in desperate need of personal protective gear. Many private citizens have stepped in with ideas to help. Nadav Ullman is one of those citizens. He’s a web developer and University of Connecticut alumnus, who co-founded a national medical supply clearinghouse for hospitals in need of scarce N95 masks and ventilators. 

Courtesy of the Food and Drug Administration

Researchers at Yale say they have found a way to extend the life of scarce N-95 respirators for health care workers. The study comes as some nurses in New York have reportedly begun to wear bandanas as a last resort. 

Sanctuary Kitchen / Facebook

Many service workers in Connecticut face unemployment after businesses closed to slow the spread of the new coronavirus. Some of those hardest hit in New Haven are refugees, who often drive Uber and Lyft or work in restaurants. As residents stay home, one group of refugee chefs aims to keep them well fed with meals to-go. 

Daniela Dimitrova from Pixabay

Yale psychologists say everybody will feel anxious at moments during these uncertain times, but there are ways to manage. Dr. Eli Lebowitz directs the Anxiety and Mood Disorder program at Yale Child Study Center. He says while adults may feel stressed, children can experience anxiety, too. The good news is, the young – and not-as-young – can manage anxiety with many of the same tips.