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New Haven Committee Selects Italian Immigrant Monument To Replace Columbus Statue

Former New Haven Christopher Columbus Statue
Wikimedia Commons
Former New Haven Christopher Columbus Statue

New Haven’s Wooster Square may soon have a new monument to represent the experience of Italian immigrants. It will replace a statue of Christopher Columbus — removed last year amid protests.

The monument is by Italian-American sculptor Marc-Anthony Massaro. It shows a family of Italian immigrants arriving in America with suitcases.

Frank Carrano is a historian and a member of the committee that chose the monument. He said the monument will also include panels that show the immigrant experience.

“From the point at which people left Italy, got on a boat and traveled here. And the hardships they endured, and also the successes they were able to achieve by hard work and supporting each other,” Cerrano said of the content of the panels.

Wooster Square is a historically Italian-American community. Its Columbus statue stood for more than a century until the city took it down during protests against racial injustice.

Officials said the new monument will take about 18 months to complete, and still needs approval from four other city boards.

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