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Avoiding Mask Mandate, Lamont Says He Wants To Leave It Up To Localities, Businesses

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont addresses the media in Westport, Conn., on Aug. 7, 2020.
John Minchillo
Associated Press
Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont

The Connecticut Department of Public Health “strongly recommends” wearing masks in public. But Governor Ned Lamont is not ready to impose a statewide mask mandate.

Lamont said he prefers to leave it up to municipalities, businesses and recreational venues to decide whether to have mask or vaccine requirements.

“I like to leave it up to the venues right now. I like to go to places where I know people have been vaccinated. I like to go to stores where more people indoors are wearing a mask. That’s just who I am. And I think you're finding that the world is headed that way for a little bit longer," Lamont said.

A number of Connecticut cities and towns have imposed mask wearing in local government buildings.

As for a statewide mask-wearing mandate for K-12 schools, Lamont said he will have a decision in a week. He said he’d like to have full in-person learning this fall.

“We are in early August. The schools start at the end of August and I’ve always tried to get everybody at least a couple of weeks' notice so people can plan accordingly. And you’ll have a couple of weeks' notice," Lamont said.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has asked sports and entertainment venues to allow only vaccinated people to attend events.