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For The First Time In 14 Years, A Republican Candidate For New Haven Mayor

New Haven
Courtesy of Charles Barneby/Wiki
New Haven

The city of New Haven’s Republican party has fielded a candidate for mayor for the first time in 14 years. John Carlson has accepted the GOP nomination for mayor.

He said he is concerned about city finances, a rise in violent crime during the pandemic,and police funding. Carlson is a longtime public school teacher in Bridgeport.

New Haven hasn't had a Republican mayor in office since William Celentano left office in 1953.

Democrats have run the city for almost 60 years. The city’s former housing chief, Karen DuBois-Walton, is expected to primary the incumbent mayor, Justin Elicker, on September 14.

The winner will face Carlson in the general election on November 2.