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NOAA Report Predicts More Northeast Flooding, Even As The Sun Shines

Steven Senne

The northeast is going to have more “sunny day flooding” in the years to come, a problem made worse by climate change and rising sea levels.

For example, a report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration finds in a recent report that Boston had 11 days of high tide flooding last year, and can expect up to 18 days next year.

High-tide flooding occurs when tides hit about two feet above average and start spilling into the streets. Boston’s 11 flood days last year didn’t set any records. But NOAA's Nicole LeBoeuf said we'll keep seeing more of them due to climate change.

Floods that decades ago happened only during a storm are now happening more regularly, even without severe weather

The report said the city can expect up to 35 days of high-tide flooding by 2030, and 95 days by 2050.