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Tape Surfaces Of Newly Retired New London Police Chief Bad-Mouthing City

Peter Reichard, former chief of New London Police
Courtesy City of New London
Peter Reichard, former chief of New London Police

An explicit audio recording of the former Chief of New London Police has surfaced just days after his contract with the city ended. The explosive comments from former Chief Peter Reichard disparage the city and the mayor who he worked for.

City Councilor Curtis Goodwin said that having read a transcript of the tape, it raises a lot of unanswered questions.

“So, when you have your chief of police making disparaging comments about the city it warrants questions of how long did he have these comments or hiring practices missed, or not up to par with the standards of the code of ethics that we’d stand by as the City of New London. So, there’s just so many different things that I want to engage in in terms of a dialogue with the administration and also our new police chief to make sure these things never happen again,” Goodwin said.

New London NAACP chapter president Jean Jordan said she was shocked when the audio tape was brought to her.

“I think what really did it was the comments about the city, and this is the city who I feel really embraced him and I think that, for a lot of people in the city and a lot of people who I’ve spoken to, that right there is what they’re having trouble with,” Jordan said.

Reichard was chief of police for four years and in late May abruptly resigned his position after being confronted by the mayor with the audio tape.

The audio transcription was released by the New London Day newspaper just one day after Reichard’s contract officially ended with the city.

An award-winning freelance reporter/host for WSHU, Brian lives in southeastern Connecticut and covers stories for WSHU across the Eastern side of the state.