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New Haven Superintendent Releases Old Memo Concerning Racist Language From Now-Demoted Principal

Alan Levine

The Superintendent of New Haven Schools released a memo from a city attorney this week that cited concerns about the handling of a principal’s use of the “n-word.” The memo was written weeks ago, but the release only came after public demands for more transparency.

Former Principal Laura Roblee has been demoted to assistant principal and transferred to another New Haven Public School after using the “n word” in two conversations with teachers in March.

Roblee claimed she used the word once. An attorney consulted on the matter questioned if Roblee’s dishonesty about her repeated use of the “n-word” renders her fit to serve in any of the city’s public schools.

The school board took the attorney’s recommendation to offer Roblee an ultimatum: take a transfer and pay cut, or be fired. Roblee took the transfer, but local ministers have since called for Roblee’s firing.

Clare is a former news fellow with WSHU Public Radio.