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Bridgeport To Investigate Police Lieutenant In Connection With Rigged Chief Hiring Process

Bridgeport Police Department
Bridgeport Police Department
Bridgeport Police Department

The city of Bridgeport, Connecticut, said it hired an independent contractor to investigate a top officer in connection with the corruption probe that brought down former chief Armando "A.J." Perez.

Lieutenant Brian Dickerson runs the city’s police academy. Multiple news outlets, including Hearst Connecticut Media, identified him as “Officer number two,” who helped Perez rig his own hiring process to ensure he’d be named the city’s police chief.

The Greater Bridgeport NAACP has called for an investigation into Dickerson. Chapter president Reverend Stanley Lord said he’s glad to see it’s happening.

“The wrongdoings that they performed to help Chief Perez to attain his position, and taking so long to investigate the issue is mind-boggling. But hey, better late than never, I guess we say,” Lord said.

The NAACP criticized Bridgeport police for firing a recently hired Black officer while doing nothing about Dickerson, who is white.

Davis Dunavin loves telling stories, whether on the radio or around the campfire. He started in Missouri and ended up in Connecticut, which, he'd like to point out, is the same geographic trajectory taken by Mark Twain.