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Bridgeport Man Shot In Leg By Police: 'I Just Want Justice'

Courtesy of Pixabay

A Bridgeport, Connecticut, man wants justice after an undercover police officer shot him in the leg during what he thought was a civilian car attack.

The driver is Dennis Waiters. He and his passenger, LaMain Heard, held a press conference on Sunday, after a State’s Attorney issued an early incident report. News 12 Connecticut reported Waiters said he was scared when unmarked vehicles surrounded him and he tried to flee.

“I just want justice; I know I ain’t do nothing wrong. We ain’t do nothing wrong and we don’t deserve this,” Wiaters said.

The State’s Attorney report said the fact finding continues. It said an undercover police and FBI pursued Waiters’ car when they got a tip that an illegal firearm was in the vehicle and a passenger planned to use it. Bridgeport Police said late last week they found a firearm in the car.

No one has been charged.