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Long Island Bill Could Help Save Honeybees From Extermination

honeybee on flower
Image by Sandeep Handa from Pixabay

The Suffolk County Legislature will consider a new bill that would protect honey bees on Long Island.

The bill would require exterminators to contact beekeepers if they identify a swarm of honey bees.

Adrienne Esposito heads the Citizens Campaign for the Environment. She said the bill would help protect the ecosystem in Suffolk County since bees play a significant role in the food production cycle.

"This bill is a common sense bill that simply requires exterminators to take a second look. If it’s a honey bee hive, they call a beekeeper and ask them to come get it,” Esposito said.

Suffolk County Legislator Al Krupski introduced the bill. He said this plan will also help residents avoid confusing honey bees for wasps or hornets.