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Connecticut Legislature Adds Veto Clause To Lamont Emergency Powers Extension

The Connecticut Capitol Building in Hartford
Johnathon Henninger
The Connecticut Capitol Building in Hartford

The Connecticut House is set to take action on another extension of Governor Ned Lamont’s emergency powers to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Speaker Matt Ritter said the powers would be extended until July 20.

But legislative leaders would be able to keep a check on the governor’s power.

“If the Legislature authorizes the extension and there is a particular order the legislative leaders don’t like, they can veto it. So it's a very different mechanism for the next nine, 10 months,” Ritter said.

Ritter said lawmakers intend to create a panel of public health and civil preparedness experts to study the mechanism so it could be crafted into law in next year’s legislative session.

Lamont’s COVID-19 restrictions on businesses in Connecticut end on May 19.