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Lamont, AARP Speak About High-Speed Internet Availability In Connecticut

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Jorge Guillen

Governor Ned Lamont joined AARP during a virtual town hall this week about their hopes to provide all residents with high speed internet access.

Lamont and AARP want to better provide underserved communities and those financially affected by coronavirus with high speed internet at home and in downtown communities. Lamont proposed a bill in January to ensure Connecticut residents would have equal access to high speed internet, reduced costs, and consumer protection.

Lamont said the internet should also be available in public spaces.

“We are also extending broadband broadly in our communities providing free WiFi in a lot of our downtown areas to make sure that you can go to a library, you can go to a downtown area and you’ve got your phone, you can access the internet,” Lamont said.

Lamont introduced the bill in January that would set universal broadband access goals for the state by September 2022.

“Today, you can’t be on the wrong side of the digital divide. Everybody’s got to be included and that’s what we’re pushing on,” Lamont said

AARP said the pandemic has widened the digital divide for seniors to access tele-health to meet with their doctors and order prescriptions online.