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Bridgeport Council OKs $395 Million Upgrade To Dilapidated Sewage System


The Bridgeport City Council in Connecticut has authorized a $395 million state-required upgrade to its worn out wastewater system.

Council members say the current system has plagued nearby communities with stench and runoff into Long Island Sound and other waterways.

They say this plan is a matter of social justice, as clean water is important for all residents, including poor individuals and communities of color that are disproportionately affected.

However, council members who voted against the authorization are against the proposed increase in sewer fees for residents. Others want to wait a few months to see if the system is eligible for additional federal relief or President Biden’s infrastructure plan.

The upgrades are still in the planning process and could take up to 18 months to complete with construction starting in late 2023.

A previous version of the story had an incorrect amount in the headline.