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NYC Ferry Company To Service Fleet In Bridgeport, Bringing Jobs To City

Statue of Liberty with ferry boat
Image by BeansandSausages from Pixabay

One of New York City’s largest ferryboat companies has entered into a long-term contract to service its fleet of boats in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The deal is expected to bring 100 skilled jobs to Bridgeport.

Hornblower Group operates the New York City Ferry and Statue of Liberty cruises and other ferry and vessel operations in North America and the U.K.

Scott Thornton is the company’s chief operating officer. He said the company will start servicing their fleet of more than 100 vessels at Bridgeport Boatworks in the city’s harbor later this year.

“We look forward to welcoming a variety of vessels from other fleets as well from across the east coast providing unmatched service and maintenance right here on the Bridgeport waterfront,” Thornton said.

The facility will feature a 700-ton travel lift for hoisting large vessels, which would be amongst the largest of such lifts in New England.

Robert Christoph manages the Bridgeport Boatworks site.

He said the contract with Hornblower Group means more than 100 vessels would now be serviced at the Bridgeport harbor facility.

“They’ve got about 156 boats in their East Coast fleet that will be coming in and out for service here. And also some of their Midwest fleet would potentially be serviced here, as well,” Christoph said.

Governor Ned Lamont said he’s been assured most of the hires would be from Bridgeport.

“Bridgeport is in transformation. The state of Connecticut in transformation,” Lamont said.

Bridgeport Boatworks plans to invest $8 million to improve and expand the facility.

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