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Connecticut Legislative Committee Advances Recycling Bill For 10 Cent Bottle Returns

Olenka from Pexels

Connecticut lawmakers in the state’s environment committee have advanced a bill that changes the current bottle return system. The legislation would increase deposits for certain bottles from five to 10 cents.

State Senator Christine Cohen co-chairs of the state’s environment committee. She said she believes the bill will help the economy grow and reduce waste. The legislation advanced from her committee Wednesday.

“By increasing the handling of the fee, we have heard over and over again that we will see an increase in numbers of redemptions centers statewide creating economic opportunity, economic development creating jobs but most importantly creating the opportunity for people to return those bottles and cans,” Cohen said.

Representative Kenneth Gucker of Danbury said the bill does not go far enough, saying it should allow the redemption of small liquor bottles, known as nips.

“I could probably pay off my mortgage by just going out and walking up and down my road picking up these bottles,” Gucker said.

The changes to the state’s “bottle bill” are meant to help reduce waste and provide incentives to open more redemption centers.

The state is one of only 10 that have a bottle redemption program, and Connecticut’s rate of returns is lowest at 50%.