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Lamont: Connecticut Residents 75 And Older Will All Be Vaccinated Within 3 Weeks

New York State COVID-19 drive-thru vaccination site at Plattsburgh International Airport.
Office of N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Connecticut health officials expect to administer the first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine to all state residents who are 75 and older within the next three weeks.

Governor Ned Lamont said this during a visit to the state’s largest drive through vaccination site in East Hartford. He said the site on a Pratt and Whitney runway at Rentschler Field is capable of administering all the 46,000 doses of vaccine a week that the state receives.

“If we could double, quadruple, the number of doses coming into Connecticut, we can double, triple the number of people getting vaccinated every day,” Lamont said.

Lamont said the state’s supply might soon increase.

“We may be getting a bit of good news from Moderna. Pfizer told me they do have the capacity to do double what they are producing,” Lamont said.

In the meantime, healthcare professionals are reaching out to seniors, and the state has added personnel to the United Way’s 211 phone lines to handle the flood of seniors who wish to book vaccination appointments by phone.

The Rentschler Field site now handles about a thousand cars a day.

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