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Waiting On The Navy, Suffolk County Ready To Hook Up Calverton Homes With To Clean Drinking Water

Courtesy of Pixabay

The Suffolk County Water Authority says it is prepared to bring safe, public water to the 28 homes in the Calverton and Manorville communities that are threatened by PFAS contamination.

The water authority sent a letter to Secretary of the Navy Kenneth Braithwaite that the cost of bringing water service to the impacted area would be $12 million, including the cost of installing private service lines for each home.

The contamination is from a former defense manufacturer in Calverton. The state and environmental advocates have pressured the Navy to clean up the toxic groundwater.

Testing of private drinking wells have found levels of PFAS that exceed state and federal drinking water standards.

The water authority said it is ready to proceed “as soon as funds are available so families in this neighborhood no longer have to worry about the water they’re drinking.”