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Connecticut Resident Claims 60-Year Sentence Violates State Constitution

Courtesy of Pexels

A Connecticut man is looking to overturn a 60-year sentence in which he claims that he is a victim of an illegal sentence.

Keith Belcher was found guilty of sexually assaulting, beating and robbing an elderly Bridgeport woman in 1993.

At 17, Belcher was sentenced three years later after the assault.

Belcher said his crimes were committed when he was 14, and that violates the state constitution as excessive and irregular.

He also said the trial court improperly rejected his claim that the sentencing court relied on inaccurate information when it described him as a "super predator."

At sentencing, Belcher punched the judicial marshal and then charged at the jury when the verdict was being read, before being tackled by marshals just feet from the jury box.