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Peeling License Plates An Issue With New Cashless Tolling On N.Y. Thruway

Elise Amendola

New York State implemented a new cashless tolling system over the weekend with 2,000 cameras to read the license plates of vehicles without an E-ZPass.

However, some drivers questioned whether the cameras would be able to read damaged plates — more specifically, ones that are peeling.

New York has thousands of vehicles on the road with peeling license plates. The state even decided not to renew a contract with the manufacturer, 3M.

As vehicles pass through gantries and exit ramps, Thruway officials say that sensors will read E-Zpass tags and charge their accounts. They say the cameras can digitally enhance the license plates and vehicles without a pass will be billed.

The state Department of Motor Vehicles will replace, free of charge, license plates that are peeling.