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WSHU's guide of where, when and how to vote in Connecticut during the 2020 election.

Listener Question: Will I Know If My Absentee Ballot Is Counted Before Election Day

John Froschauer

At WSHU, we got an email from a Suffolk County listener who was concerned about the upcoming election. She wanted to know if it was possible to find out before Election Day if her absentee ballot was counted.

Nick LaLota is the Republican Commissioner of the Suffolk County Board of Elections. He says election officials will not begin counting absentee ballots until at least seven days after Election Day.

And voters will not get confirmation their ballot was received. But LaLota said they will be notified if they forgot to sign it.

“They will get correspondence from the board indicating that flaw and advising them that they have the opportunity to cure that flaw,” LaLota said

LaLota said elections officials will cross-check absentee ballots against in-person voter rolls after Election Day.

Only the in-person ballot is counted if someone votes twice. The absentee ballot is discarded.

Check out WSHU’s 2020 Voter Guide. Fill out our survey and we’ll follow up on your question about the election.

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