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Legislation Allows N.Y. Voters To Correct Errors With Absentee Voting

John Froschauer

New York will now give voters a chance to correct missing signatures and other clerical errors so their mail-in absentee ballots can be counted in November.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said he’ll sign but tweak legislation that calls for the state to notify voters about problems with their registration and give them instructions on how to fix them.

He said the problem is that the original plan didn’t give enough time for voters to fix inadvertent mistakes and errors before the November 3 election without overburdening election officials.

Cuomo and the Legislature has agreed to put the original legislation into effect after the election. The back and forth notifications, responses and confirmations would have cut it too close to Election Day.

He said he will soon issue an executive order to detail the procedure for this year.