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Connecticut News

Police Clash With Protesters In Stamford On Saturday

Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

A protest in Stamford, Connecticut, on Saturday in response to the death of a local man who died in police custody last year turned violent with both protesters and police suffering injuries. One officer required surgery.

A video posted on social media shows Stamford Police pushing and physically restraining protesters on Broad Street. Six people were arrested.

Stamford Police say they were provoked and the demonstrators disobeyed orders to disperse. Protesters say the police used excessive force.

In a statement, Stamford Police Chief Tim Shaw said body cam footage will be reviewed, and any police officer who did use excessive force would be held accountable.

An autopsy found that 23-year-old Stephen Carrier died of a heart attack while in custody last October. His family disputes that, saying he never had heart problems.