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Red Cross Launches Its First Virtual Counseling Program To Help During Pandemic

Courtesy of the Red Cross

The American Red Cross has helped millions of people in times of tragedy. Now, they’ve modified their crisis counseling services to help during the coronavirus pandemic.

Members of the Red Cross are a common sight at the scene of any natural disaster. But hands-on support is not possible during the coronavirus pandemic because of social distance guidelines. 

So the Red Cross has moved its crisis counseling services online. 

Neela Lockel, CEO of the American Red Cross on Long Island, says the Virtual Family Assistance Center can help people struggling with loss and grief. 

“One of the things that we are trying to help people do is to connect with other spiritual caregivers within their communities so that they can find a way to honor those who have passed when we’re not able to engage in typical traditions.” 

The Red Cross team can help with virtual memorial services, coping skills and legal resources. 

You can call the Virtual Family Assistance Center at 833-492-0094, or visit them online.

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