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Nassau County Warns Of Coronavirus Scams, Price Gouging

Office of Nassau County Executive Laura Curran
Nassau County Executive Laura Curran speaks to the media earlier this month.

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran says her office has continued to log hundreds of complaints of scams and price gouging related to the pandemic. Curran says they won’t go easy on violators. 

She says the Office of Consumer Affairs has issued 70 violations, each one with a $5,000 fine. 

Curran says one violator faces $25,000 in fines for selling expired face masks at inflated prices. 

“This is especially egregious now, when there is financial insecurity, economic insecurity, people are not getting paychecks, people are losing their jobs.” 

Curran says other scammers have called residents pretending to be health department workers, and others sell fake hand sanitizer online. 

Nassau County residents can email any price gouging complaints.

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