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Coronavirus And Pregnancy: Northwell Health Launches Hotline For Expectant Parents

Teresa Crawford

Northwell Health, New York’s largest healthcare provider, has set up a hotline for expectant parents who may have questions about how the coronavirus crisis may affect pregnancies.

Delivery rooms at Northwell hospitals are still fully operational, but visitation policies may change as the pandemic progresses. 

Dr. Burton Rochelson, chief of maternal/fetal medicine at North Shore University Hospital, says the hotline will help clear up any questions an expectant parent might have.

“Does the virus get to the fetus? Which by the way it doesn’t appear to. The virus doesn’t get to the fetus. How will my baby do? Fortunately, thank god, most babies do very well. As challenging and as horrible as this epidemic is, there are positive things to say and reassuring things to say.”

Rochelson says the goal is to ease fears about pregnancies.

The hotline number is 833-487-2273.

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