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Cuomo Orders Closure Of Non-Essential Businesses

John Minchillo
A pedestrian wearing a protective mask hurries across 5th Avenue that is sparsely populated due to COVID-19 concerns, Friday in New York. Gov. Cuomo is ordering all workers in non-essential businesses to stay home and banning gatherings statewide.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has ordered all non-essential businesses in New York to close. It’s the latest move to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. 

The state order takes effect on Sunday at 8 p.m. Essential services will not be affected; pharmacies, food stores and water authorities will continue to operate. 

Cuomo says the mandatory shutdown of all non-essential businesses is drastic, but it’s the best chance to prevent an overload of the hospital system. 

“We've studied all the other countries. We've talked to people all across the globe about what they did, what they've done, what worked, what doesn't work. And that has all informed this policy.”

Cuomo has asked businesses to consider making personal protective gear, like masks and gloves. He’s also offered to buy ventilators from any health facility that has them.  

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