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Coronavirus Prep: MTA Increases Cleanings, Stockpiles Supplies

Kevin Hagen
Metropolitan Transportation Authority worker Duane Clark works to sanitize surfaces at the Avenue X subway station, Tuesday in Brooklyn. The MTA is stepping up efforts to sanitize cars and stations as fears mount over the coronavirus.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority will clean trains more thoroughly and more often to protect against COVID-19. 

MTA officials say LIRR and Metro-North will disinfect frequently used surfaces at their stations every day and clean their entire fleet every 72 hours. 

They will also use public service announcements to educate riders on how to sanitize.

The MTA has also stockpiled hygiene and cleaning supplies.

There are no reported cases of coronavirus in Suffolk or Nassau County.

Meanwhile, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has authorized $40 million in emergency funding in response to the coronavirus.

The money will pay for more state staff and the equipment and resources needed to combat the spread of the disease. 

State Senator Jim Gaughran says the goal is to be prepared if the virus becomes a bigger issue statewide. 

“You don’t want to be in a situation where all of a sudden it becomes much more serious and then you haven’t taken the steps to plan to protect New Yorkers.”

Gaughran emphasized that there’s no need to panic. 

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