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Helicopter Rerouting A ‘Pacifier’ In East Hampton Airport Noise Battle

East Hampton Airport
Frank Eltman
A helicopter prepares for take off at East Hampton Airport in East Hampton, N.Y., in 2017.

Helicopter pilots have been instructed to fly new routes on Long Island’s East End to minimize noise for residents.                                                           

The East Hampton Town Airport recently released new air routes that require helicopter pilots to fly around the tip of the North Fork before heading south to land in the Hamptons.

President of the East Marion Community Association Anne Murray is skeptical that the pilots will follow the new route.

“They hug the shoreline. They don’t stay offshore. They’ve been crossing over East Marion to the East Hampton Airport. They take the shortest route because they want to get there fast. It’s better for them economically.”

Teresa McCaskie, a member of the Southold Town Helicopter Advisory Committee, says, "These routes are engineered as a short-term 'pacifier' to reduce overall complaints while East Hampton struggles with how to handle the airport noise."

Southold’s Town Board sees the new routes as a work in progress.