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Connecticut Legislature Could Vote This Week On Highway Tolls

John Phelan
Wikimedia Commons

Connecticut Senate President Martin Looney says he will know Tuesday if there will be a vote this week on Governor Ned Lamont’s controversial truck-only highway toll proposal. 

Looney says he has to be sure that he schedules the vote on a day all members are present because he anticipates a tied 18-18 vote in the Senate.

“We are certainly getting close to scheduling that vote. We have the logistics of making sure we have all our members together at one time as we anticipate a tie vote. The lieutenant governor would need to break the tie, which she has willingness to do. ”

The controversy has to do with how to pay for the $19 billion transportation plan. Republicans would like to use some of the state’s rainy day fund.  Democrats want a truck-only highway toll to help pay for the plan.

“So those are the choices on the table for the legislature. And time for them to make up their mind,” Lamont said.