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New Grumman Soil Contamination Found In Bethpage

Historic Grummand Corp Sign
Frank Eltman
A historic highway road sign outside the former Grumman Corp. plant in Bethpage, N.Y. Officials have been working for years to clean up a plume of contaminated water emanating from the Long Island facility.

A new contamination hot spot has been found at a former baseball field in Bethpage, Long Island. The site is next to a community park that is being treated for soil contamination.

The Bethpage Community Park was contaminated with carcinogenic chemicals from Northrop Grumman’s manufacturing facilities. The new soil contamination was found at a field near the park.

Martin Brand, with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, says it isn’t unusual for new sources of contamination to be discovered near old sites as they are cleaned up, but this shouldn’t delay the original cleanup.

“We have made it very clear to Grumman, and they have agreed, that this new investigation that they have to do on this area on the eastern side of the park will not interfere or change the schedule for the work that is currently underway.”

Consultants for the manufacturer are expected to map the new contamination and create an additional cleanup plan in the coming months.

Jay Shah is a former Long Island bureau chief at WSHU.