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New York's Manufacturing Recovery Remains Weak, Report Shows

Alex Freeman from Pixabay

The manufacturing sector in New York is slow in returning to its prerecession strength. That’s according to a report released last week by the Public Policy Institute of New York State.

Statewide manufacturing numbers are down, and the industry continues to lag behind job sector growth seen nationwide.

Manufacturing makes up nearly 6% of the state’s private sector jobs. That’s lower than the national average of 10.5%.

But the jobs are well paying and often exceed nationwide average wages by $20,000.

Automation and increased efficiency have replaced some jobs. Companies also went overseas after the recession.

New York lost more than 14,000 manufacturing jobs in the last decade, the largest decline of any state.

The Business Council of New York State, who contributed to the report, recommends regulators relax labor law mandates, costly energy assessments and high workers’ compensation costs.