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LIPA Announces Modest Customer Price Hike For Offshore Wind Farm

Nadine Sebai
The Public's Radio

The Long Island Power Authority says its average customer would see their bills go up by about $1.50 per month to help pay for the South Fork Wind Farm. They say the low increase is due to less expensive wind technology.

Long Island Power Authority CEO Tom Falcone says the cost to build wind energy infrastructure has dropped, as more regions have adopted clean energy.

“The offshore wind technology has just gotten to the point that you see in a lot of other markets. Think of it as cell phone adoption or flatscreen TVs, you get to a certain point and you see a lot of adoption very fast.”

The South Fork Wind Farm is part of a larger goal to develop nearly 1,000 megawatts of clean energy and develop a carbon-free electric grid.

New York State also recently announced a separate wind energy contract that would add less than $1 to a resident’s monthly power bill. 

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