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Larson Renews Call For Carbon Tax

J. Scott Applewhite
AP Photo
Rep . John Larson at a November 8, 2017 House Ways and Means Committee Meeting


Connecticut Congressman John Larson has renewed his perennial call for the passage of a federal carbon tax to help combat climate change and pay for infrastructure development. 


Larson introduced the America Wins Act to help reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions more than  America would have had to if it had stayed in the Paris Climate Accord. He says the carbon tax would generate more than a trillion dollars for U.S. infrastructure development.


“According to Standard and Poor’s an investment on this scale would create 22 million jobs over 10 years. It will ensure these jobs support middle income wages, includes a strong buy America provision to ensure that investments being made, stay in America", he said.


Larson says it would also help fund his long term goal of a big dig in Hartford to move the major interstate highway exchanges there underground. 


He says the bill has support, but acknowledges that House Democrats have so far failed to reach an infrastructure deal with the Trump Administration.