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New York Passes Stricter Laws On Limos

Frank Eltman
Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota, second from right wearing a tie, speaks with investigators, in Cutchogue, N.Y., following a crash where four young women riding in a limousine were killed in 2015.

New laws approved in the state budget give New York clearer authority to pull limousines off the road when they fail inspections or are determined to be unsafe.

There was a significant push before the budget’s approval this week by the families of the 20 people who died in a limousine crash near Albany in October.

Long Island lawmakers cited a similar limo crash in 2015 that killed four. The women died when their limo attempted to make a U-turn and was struck by a pickup truck in Cutchogue.

It is now a felony crime for an operator to knowingly operate a faulty limo that causes the death of another person.

The measures fell short of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposal to outright ban stretch limos.