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Bethpage Water District Suing Northrop Grumman Over Contamination

Historic Grummand Corp Sign
Frank Eltman

The Bethpage Water District has filed a federal lawsuit against Northrop Grumman and chemical companies after the toxic chemical 1,4-dioxane was found in the district’s drinking water.

The lawsuit alleges that Northrop Grumman and the chemical manufacturers have been polluting the water for decades and must take responsibility for its cleanup. Mike Boufis, superintendent of the Bethpage Water District, said the lawsuit seeks to recoup cleanup costs.

“The polluters need to pay for it so that’s what we hope to get out of this, so the residents and the taxpayers aren’t, you know, burdened once again with paying for what the polluters have done.”  

Thirteen Long Island water districts have also filed suit against chemical manufacturers. This issue is separate from efforts to clean up the toxic plume emanating from the former Grumman plant.

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