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Hearing To Be Held Tuesday On Inconclusive Conn. House Race

Maryland GovPics

A special committee set up by the Connecticut House of Representatives to determine the winner of an inconclusive election for a House seat in Stratford is set to hear from the parties involved this week.

The winner of Stratford's 120th Assembly District is in dispute because a recount showed Democratic Representative Phil Young defeated Republican James Feehan by 13 votes. But the tally was in doubt because at least 76 voters received the wrong ballots.

Feehan had gone to court seeking a special election. The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled that the matter had to be handled by the state House of Representatives.

Democratic state Representative Michael D’Agostino of Hamden chairs the four-member special committee made up of two Democrats and two Republicans. He says they’ll hear from both parties on Friday.

“There’s never been that kind of hearing before. It didn’t happen in the underlying trial court or in the Supreme Court. This is the body where that evidence will be taken. And I think we are of the mindset that we will do some public hearing format.”

In anticipation of the hearing, the committee expects the contestants to submit their evidence and witness list by Tuesday.