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Lamont Stands Firm On Truck-Only Tolls

Elisa Amendola

Connecticut Governor-elect Ned Lamont said that he is still focused on pushing for a truck-only highway toll, despite a state Department of Transportation study released last week that showed tolling all vehicles would generate as much as $1 billion a year.

The DOT study said trucks would generate 29 percent of that revenue, about $300 million a year, while cars would pay 71 percent, or about $700 million a year. Lamont said he’s sticking to his campaign promise.

“Well my position on electronic tolling is very clear. We are going to focus just on those big tractor-trailer trucks. And that will raise us $250 million. It’s something l think I can get through this legislature on short order. And I want to get going on that.”

Connecticut’s Democratic legislative leaders, who control the state General Assembly, support Lamont’s plan. Speaking right after the election, Senate President Martin Looney, a New Haven Democrat, advocated going further.

“If the Governor wants to begin with that as an incremental step, I would certainly support him on that.”

Truck-only tolls are currently in effect in Rhode Island. However, it’s facing a court challenge there. Opponents, including truck drivers, claim it’s unconstitutional to charge tolls for trucks and not for cars.

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