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Fairfield County Turns Blue In Midterm Elections


National Republican groups had counted Connecticut’s race for governor as one of the best chances to flip a blue state red. Instead, traditionally Republican suburbs turned blue.

Fairfield County is Connecticut’s wealthiest region and its residents have reliably voted for moderate Republicans for decades.

This election, Fairfield’s suburbs voted for Democrat Ned Lamont in what appears to be a national trend of suburbs pushing against President Donald Trump’s Republican Party.

Democrats also took state Senate seats that have been held by moderate Republicans for decades. That includes the 36th District covering Greenwich that has elected a Democrat for the first time in nearly a hundred years.

A 22-year-old Democrat named William Haskell also ousted incumbent State Senator Toni Boucher. Boucher is a moderate Republican who has worked on education and transportation issues in the state legislature for more than two decades.