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After Gunpowder Explosion, Islip To Educate Residents On Safe Recycling

Courtesy of Pexels

The Town of Islip on Long Island is educating residents about safe recycling habits after gunpowder exploded in a recycling truck in August and another homeowner tried to recycle a bottle of muriatic acid, which is used to clean concrete. Islip’s recycling plant had to be evacuated.

Martin Bellew, the town’s environmental control commissioner, said many common household items can be dangerous if they aren’t recycled properly.

“Aerosol cans, paint thinners, oven cleaners, you know oil-based paints, gasoline, fluorescent bulbs, used motor oil. Now these are items that need to come through a separate program and not be placed into the recycling bins for recycling collection.”

The town hopes to spread awareness of these rules by updating informational videos for residents and sending a recycling educator to more schools and community groups.