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Stefanowski, Who Had Pledged To Self-Finance Campaign, Now Seeks Donations

Susan Haigh
Republican candidate for governor Bob Stefanowski speaks outside the Capitol in Hartford, Conn., in August.

The Republican nominee for governor in Connecticut, Bob Stefanowski, pledged to self-finance his campaign. But he might be finding it hard to raise enough money for the general election.

On Monday Stefanowski’s wife sent an email blast to potential donors saying the campaign’s newest ad could be pulled off the air if didn’t raise $10,000 by Monday night.

Joshua Foley, with the State Elections enforcement Commission, says Stefanowski could still apply for $6 million in state funding under the Citizen’s Election Program. But it might be difficult for him to comply with the requirements.

“He would have had to obey the program rules from the first dollar he raised going back to the beginning of his campaign. And I am not sure whether or not he has.”

Foley says to comply, Stefanowski would have to raise contributions of $100 or less from individuals and put in $10,000 or less of his own money. Stefanowski’s latest campaign finance report shows he has loaned his campaign $2.3 million and raised about $600,000. Of that, he has $116,000 on hand and about $75,000 in unpaid expenses.

The deadline to apply for public financing is September 27.