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LI Nurses Union Suing To Block Release Of Employee Drug Test Results

Christina Myers

On Long Island, a nurses’ union is suing Nassau University Medical Center to stop the release of employee drug test results. The hospital ordered the tests after discovering 27 vials of narcotics had been tampered with.

The hospital alleges in court documents that fentanyl, morphine and other powerful narcotics were removed from vials in a secure locker, and replaced with another liquid. They ordered that 25 employees with access to the locker take drug tests.

The employee union’s president, Jerry Laricchiuta, told News 12 that the tests violate the workers’ contracts and their privacy.

“Drug testing has to be with probable cause. You just can’t say, we’re going to drug-test 25 registered, licensed nurses because we feel like it and because something happened.”

The hospital said in a statement that it opened an investigation and asked for cooperation from several faculty members who had access to the secure location where the drugs were stored.

The test results will be sent to a Nassau County judge instead of to the hospital. If the judge finds any positive test results for the narcotics that were allegedly tampered with, further hearings could be scheduled.