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Gas Prices Climb Across The Region

Seth Wenig

Gas prices in Connecticut and New York are on the rise and they’re expected to increase throughout the Memorial Day weekend.

Patrick DeHaan, spokesperson for GasBuddy, says the Trump’s administration decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal and the subsequent rise in crude oil prices has contributed somewhat to the increase.

“So far it’s not had a major effect. I would say perhaps a few cents per gallon as a result. There certainly could be more of an impact in the weeks ahead.”    

Fran Mayko, spokesperson with AAA Northeast in Hamden, says the region is experiencing a typical increase that comes along with a summer blend of gasoline.

“We’re on the cusp of the summer drive season so the industry is switching over to its summer, blend which is an expensive process.”

She also says the rise in gas prices results from the high cost of doing business in the state.   

“We also have some high gas tax, which total about maybe 50 cents or more per gallon. We have some stricter environmental regulations and very limited methods in the infrastructure to get the oil to Connecticut.”

Mayko says, “Most likely the national priced average is going to break the $3 mark in the next couple of weeks. Most likely in Connecticut, it will probably level off in maybe the high teens.”  

The average price of a gallon of gas in Connecticut is $3.12, in New York it’s $3.08. In both states, the price has risen 40 cents in the last two months.