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Winter Wonderland? Enough Already.

Steven Senne
Bruno Medina, of Natick, Mass., removes snow from vehicles at a used car lot last week.

Residents in New York and Connecticut are tired of the winter weather as another nor’easter leaves behind slushy sidewalks and wet roads.

John Kane works at a school bus company on Baiting Place in Farmingdale, Long Island. He spent an hour today shoveling slush, and says he’s ready to put his shovel away for the winter.

“I hope this is the last one. And you know, I can’t wait for summer. I don’t even want the spring anymore, I want the summer.”

Abigail Gaston, a student at Nassau Community College, got a day off from school because of the weather, but even she says enough is enough.

“It could still rain, but not snow…Not too much rain either.”

Unfortunately, the National Weather Service says the parade of nor’easters hitting the region is likely to continue until the end of March.

Meteorologist Steve DiRienzo says high pressure over Greenland creates a blocking pattern in the atmosphere that forces cold air south. And that has forced storms moving across North America to hug the East Coast.

“The easterly wind tends to block the flow of storms and the movement of storms coming off of the North American continent. So the storms that have come to the East Coast over the last three weeks have been forced to hug the coast because they’re being blocked by that easterly flow.”

DiRienzo says computer models indicate another nor’easter could hit the region as soon as the middle of next week. Also hitting next week? The first day of spring.

Dan is a former News Director at WSHU