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Immigrant Teen Suing Feds Over Prolonged Detention Released From Custody

Salvador Melendez

A Long Island teen from El Salvador who is at the center of a class action lawsuit against Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been released from custody.

The teenager, identified as “LVM” in court documents, was picked up by immigration officers in July and held until last Thursday. This was despite a judge’s ruling that he was not a danger or flight risk.

His case was picked up by the New York Civil Liberties Union as part of its suit to end the “prolonged detention of immigrant children.”

Bellport High School suspended the 17-year old last year after school officials suspected he was a member of MS-13. The teen says he’s innocent and that school authorities mistook an obscene gesture he made at another student for a gang sign.

The New York Civil Liberties Union plans to continue the suit because they say 40 other teens are still being held.